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Hospital Bed

Hospital Bed is a bed used by a patient or severely disabled person for recuperation and rehabilitation in hospital. It also can be called sick bed, medical treatment bed, muti-function nurse bed, which is the bed that the patient uses when recuperating rehabilitation treatment, basically used for the occasion of each big hospital, town health hospital, community health service center, rehabilitation institution to wait.
There are many categories of hospital beds, including ABS medical bed, all stainless steel medical bed, semi-stainless steel medical bed and all steel plastic spraying medical bed.
According to the function, it can be divided into electric hospital bed and manual hospital bed, of which the electric hospital bed can be divided into five functional electric hospital bed and three functional electric hospital bed, etc., and the manual hospital bed can be divided into double rocking, single rocking and flat hospital bed.
According to whether it can be moved, it can be divided into wheeled hospital beds and right-angled hospital l beds, among which electric hospital beds are generally movable with wheels.
Usage situation:
A hospital bed is covered if one or more of the following criteria (1-4) are met: The patient has a medical condition which requires positioning of the body in ways not feasible with an ordinary bed. Elevation of the head/upper body less than 30 degrees does not usually require the use of a hospital bed.
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