Automatic Loading Manual Folding Powered Flexible Adjustment Ambulance Stretcher

Short Description:

The highest position: 200*56*100cm

Lowest position: 200*56*38cm

Maximum backrest angle: 75

Maximum knee angle: 35

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Technical Feature

When getting into the ambulance, the X structure is very easy to lift up and down

When getting off the ambulance, when the landing gear is lowered, the safety U-hook will hook the ambulance until the operator goes to open it.

Foldable head

Stretcher height is adjustable.

The backrest angle is adjusted by gas spring, the range is 0-75 degrees.

Callapsible guardrail protects patients during transfer.

One or two people can lift the stretcher and push it into the ambulance.

When the stretcher is in the ambulance, it can be locked with a fixing device.

The stretcher is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material.

150mm wide rubber wheels.

Mainly used in ambulances, hospitals, and rescue center. 


Waterproof seamless PVC mattress (8cm thickness sponge)

3 safety belts (for chest, hips, knees) and shoulder straps.

Fastening devices


The highest position  200*56*100cm
Lowest position  200*56*38cm
Maximum backrest angle  75
Maximum knee angle  35
Bearing weight  250kg
Packing size  205*65*47cm  
Gross weight  60kg  1set/package

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