Emergency Rescue Equipment Vacuum Mattress Stretcher

Short Description:

It is made of high quality resistant seamless welding TPU material with Small foam particles inside You can rapidly and safely adjust the mattress to be soft or hard by pump Out the inside air to fit the patient body

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Vacuum stretcher PX-VS02

Technical Feature

Using the principle of vacuum forming, the air in the air cushion is drawn out, and the beads are evenly distributed in the rigid fixed forming body, and can be shaped according to the patient's body contour, so as to avoid secondary damage when moving. Using the light-weight heat-preserving PVC insulating material inner capsule and nylon coat, it can effectively reduce the weight-bearing and heat loss of patients, reduce the energy consumption and straighten the non-metallic components. X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging.

Depression time is 20-40 seconds, which can be reduced to - 40°.


Unfolding dimensions 187*87*8cm
Folding  size 68*50*33cm
Packing box size 70*52*35cm
N.W 3.3kg
G.W 5.3kg
load-bearing 160kg


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