PX-YZ-1 Hydraulic Stainless Steel Shower Trolley

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The Shower Trolley is a revolutionary product designed to make showering a safe and comfortable experience for individuals with mobility challenges. So whether you’re a caregiver or an individual with limited mobility, the Shower Trolley is the perfect solution for an enjoyable and stress-free showering experience.

Shower trolley offer an easy-to-maneuver and easy-to-use hygiene solution for both caregivers and immobile patients.

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Physical characteristics

Safe and easy to use:  The Shower Trolley comes equipped with a safe and secure locking mechanism to keep the user stable during the showering process. Additionally, the adjustable height feature ensures the user can be raised or lowered to the perfect level for easy shower access.
Durable construction:  The Shower Trolley is made of high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and longevity.
Comfortable design:  The trolley's padded surface offers a comfortable and supportive area for the user to lie on while showering.
Easy to clean: The trolley's waterproof surface and easy-to-clean materials make cleaning up after showering a breeze

1) Measurement: 1930x640x540~940mm.

2) Static load: 400kg; Dynamic load:175kg.

3) The bed board can be flexibly adjusted between 1-13°, and always maintain the head position 3°higher than the foot position--that is, tilted 3°.

4) Materials: The trolley structure is made of #304 Stainless steel and powder-coating steel.

5) Bathtub is made of high-toughness imported and environmentally protected PVC. The interlayer of the bathtub is inserted with high-density & soft material. high temperature resistant / cold temperature resistant (+80℃/ -10℃), not easy to deform, aging-resistant; It is easy to detach for cleaning and disinfection.

6) Side Rail: according to a different use, the side rail has three-setting adjustable angles--90°/125°/180°(regarding 180°, that is, the side rail can be rotated 180 °downward ). The convenient and flexible locking structure of the side rail is the company's exclusive patent design.

7) Plenty of stretcher space: The wide shower trolley stretcher allows plenty of body space convenient both for residents and attendants.

8) Lifting drive system: imported waterproof hydraulic systems—mechanical adjustments of height. The Bathtub holder can be promoted or demoted synchronized.

9) Pedestal: The shower trolley height adjustment is foot operated to give the attendant both hands free to tend to the person. It can also be tilted to a "Tredelenburg" position.

10) Setting bottom frame: Equipped with high-quality centre control castors, mute, anti-skid, directional caster, luxurious and beautiful appearance, anti-winding. It is great for convenient and easy transport of shower trolley

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Standard export package
Delivery Detail: 30~35 working days after get order and payment confirmation


Accessories: Drainage hoses 1pc, soft pillow 1pc, charger 1pc. 

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