PX-TS1 Multifunction Portable Field Operating Table for Military Hospital And Clinic

Short Description:

The ability to carry out surgical procedures on the front line or in an emergency without power calls for an extraordinary operating table.

Operating tables with surgical and gynaecological functions

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PX-TS1 Field Operating Table

Main use

Having the ablilty to carry out surgical procedures on the front line or emergency situation without power calls for a very special operating table.

Tested by military field hospitals and emergency rescue organizations all around the world.


This Field Operating Table is manufactured from high quality raw materials.Its frame is made of epoxy-coated stainless steel or Carbon fiber  and table top is made of waterproof plywood board.

All the functions are manually operated by gas spring or handle pipe.

It could be used for a surgical operating or gynecological operation.

The entir table is designed to fit into a carrying box measuring 120*80*80cm,and all the other accessories can be packed in it.The table weight is approx.55kg.

Technical index

Expand size 1960*480mm±10mm;      
Folding size 1120*540*500mm;  
Movement range 540mm±10mm
Frame material Epoxy-poated steel/stainless steel/Carbon fiber
Carrying capacity 135KG        

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