Folding Bed Practical And Creative

Home always want more beds, but taking into account the space too much, have to give up ~ ~ do not lose heart, Xiaobian help you out of attention! In fact, this is not difficult, but also to achieve a variety of ways, such as the use of folding bed, neither take up space, but also bring a lot of additional features. Below, for your summary of seven ways, hoping to bring some convenience for your home life.

Increased invisible folding bed in office space

Sometimes it is not necessary to take up a large area of space just to add a bed. Look at this studio, the large white cabinet will hide the bed, the owner of the day to work here, the evening bed to pull down the bed can rest, this space utilization is not very worthy of praise!

When the hidden bed pulled to the ground support, the original cabinet naturally became a practical and creative bedside background wall, both sides of the cabinet has become a "natural barrier" to bring people on the psychological A sense of security.

2, let the office area of the shelves to accommodate the folding bed

If you often work overtime because of busy work, it is better to set up a folding bed in the office to provide you with convenience. In this way, the folding bed can not only be used for you to rest, but also to receive guests. When you do not need it, fold it up, your office space can still be very spacious.

3, so that the entertainment between the storage cabinet to fold the bed up

Look, a multi-functional recreation room that does not interfere with the needs of entertainment and can also be used as a bedroom. This approach is very suitable for home to have a sudden visit to the use of friends Oh!

4, the folding bed embedded in the wall

If you really do not want a large bed to take up too much space, you may wish to use a custom method, the bed into the wall, and the bed can be designed on both sides of the form of simple shelves, used to place lamps and commonly used items Wait.

5, in the TV backdrop embedded in the folding bed

TV back wall on the left side of the prominent display, in fact, is a hidden folding bed, is not it amazing? But it should be noted that such a folding bed design requires a large enough room to accommodate the living room bed Oh!

6, so that the sofa and folding bed into one

The sofa and bed are one, the bed is hidden in the white cabinet, then, this room is naturally with the living room and bedroom two functions. Look, when the bed is put down, a comfortable bedroom will be presented in front of you. And the original sofa back is just as a bedside use, the cabinet in the bed of Chen bed position as a bedside background wall, there is no sense of violation.

7, in the children's room to add folding bed

Children's room is often too spacious because of space will be a waste of suspicion, then for the lack of this deficiency, may wish to join the folding bed device. When the children play tired, they can also be used to rest.

Since the folded bed needs enough space to accommodate, then the spaciousness of space and the degree of freedom of activity is required. This children's room design, the desk is also designed into a foldable way to achieve the function of space conversion.

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Post time: Aug-24-2021