Medical Bed How To Classify

Medical beds there are many classifications of species, specifically the following classification: according to the material, can be divided into the ABS medical bed, all stainless steel medical beds, half stainless steel medical beds, all-steel spray medical beds, and so on.

By function, can be divided into electric medical beds and manual beds for medical use, electric medical beds can be divided into five functions electric medical beds and three functions electric medical beds, and manual medical bed can be divided into two shakes of medical beds, single shake medical beds, flat beds for medical use.

Will the move can be divided into medical beds and a right angle of the pulley medical beds, in which General Electric medical beds are movable pulleys.

In addition, there are other special features of beds, such as ultra low three feature electric beds, home care bed, potty-medical beds, burns turn over beds, emergency bed, mother and child beds, cribs, children's beds, ICU intensive care beds, the examination bed, etc.

Beds for medical use appearance compared to the simple, of course, medical bed manufacturer or function-oriented, can help patients nursed back to good health and be able to further slowdown in the patient's condition, more comfortable and convenient.

Post time: Aug-24-2021