Using Medical Beds Should Pay Attention To What

First mattress handling problems, avoid bending or folding the mattress placed on the truck. If the mattress with handles, do not use the handle to carry, because it is used to adjust the position. First fold.

Many people when they first used mattresses, will ignore a problem: do not remove plastic wrap on the surface. In fact, this is the wrong approach. Get rid of the packaging inside the bag so that the mattress ventilated, dry and damp proof. After you remove the packaging film, you can use the cleaning pad or winding up the mattress of the bed, so that you can ensure a long period of dry clean.

Speaking of bed sheets, must buy easy to absorb sweat. Do not tighten the sheets, mattress, mattress air vents blocked so as not to be, that germs cause the air inside the mattress to circulation.

Flip mattress regularly. In the first year, flip once every two or three months, the order includes two sides, left and right up and down the sides and such mattress springs can force, to extend the service life. After the second year, frequency can be slightly reduced, half flip can. loss bed playing the heavy, water industry has 6 main stay clean. To vacuum the mattress regularly but not washing water or cleaner directly. Meanwhile, to avoid after bathing or sweating when lying down, do not use electrical or smoking in bed.

Mattresses should be avoided under pressure. For example do not often sit at the edge of the bed, which is very easy to damage retaining edge spring, because the 4 corners of the mattress to the most vulnerable. Local force on a surface is not weight, so as to avoid hollow localized deformation using the mattress. In addition, don't let the children jump on the bed to avoid single points of Ambassador force spring is damaged.

If you accidentally overturned on the bed tea or coffee and other beverages, weight immediately with a towel or tissue paper to dry and then use hair dryer to blow dry. When mattress accidentally contaminated with dirt, SOAP and water cleaning, do not use strong acid, strong alkaline cleaning agents to avoid fading and damage the mattress.

Post time: Aug-24-2021